Award-Winning Filmmaker Jahmar Hill Talks: Creating His Own Path, COVID-19, and New Movie Sisters

Jahmar is an actor and filmmaker from Elizabeth, New Jersey who strives every day to make his dreams a reality. As a former employee of Warner Brothers, he’s worked on numerous television shows such as Netflix’s Lucifer, FOX’s Lethal Weapon, and more. These experiences allowed him to learn and study the business while preparing for personal projects. “A lot of companies make you believe that you can’t do anything without them because they want to keep their business running. We’re the brains of movies. We come up with the ideas and present them, so we’re making studios rich. If you have a story, create and put it out,” he says.

The method seems to be working for him, as he’s starred in and funded both of his past films. “As an actor, my focus has always been the entertainment business in general. That way I can gain an audience first and then maneuver myself back into acting and be successful.” At the mention of business, I couldn’t help but point out the unique time we’re in. The global pandemic has caused most productions to stop and some to even be dismissed completely. I was curious to learn his thoughts on this, and if it’s affected his work. “Yes it has,” he answered passionately. “I was a day away from filming my new movie Sisters! But, it gave me more time to get my mind right and perfect the script,” he admits.

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Sisters is a crime drama that tells the story of a sick grandmother who is dying from cancer, and her granddaughters who are trying drastically to come up with the money for her surgery. “It touches on cancer awareness, the importance of a savings account, and life insurance.” Although the story is fictional he drew inspiration from his sister and former co-star/close friend who are both cancer survivors. “My sister had a small case of cancer and was very secretive about it because she knew how it’d affect me. Also, my co-star from Fourth Quarter had it as well. She broke down what she went through, down to the costs and everything. It’s sad and many individuals go through a lot of hardships. This film is going to make noise, but it’s also going to impact people.”

Sisters stars Paigon Walker (106 and Park, Baller Alert), Cocoa Brown (For Better or Worse), Delo Brown, Toni Belafonte (Last Love Lost) Dominic Santana (All Eyes on Me), Juhan Jones (The Wire), and more. As soon as I saw the exclusive trailer I knew I was in for an exciting ride. It seems like the kind of action classic that’s needed. There have even been comparisons to Set it Off. “I’m looking for it to be big, in theaters and Sundance. I love classic movies like Set It Off, but I don’t see it comparing. I think it has its own home.” he says.

Jahmar’s excitement and passion for film-making was clear through our entire conversation. When asked about advice for aspiring creatives he stressed the importance of a good team, producing within your budget, and hustling to finance your vision. I’m very excited for the release of Sisters and hope that it’s safe for us all to get back to work soon.

In the meantime you can keep up with Jahmar on social media at: @Jahmarhill and the Sisters movie at @sistersmovi

Written by: Kirby Carroll Wright @askKirbyCarroll



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